• How To Delete a Skype Account

    To permanently close your Skype account — and every one of your associated Microsoft accounts — you want to first complete some security steps. First, attend this page, enter your Microsoft email, phone number, or Skype username, and click on Next:

    On the screen that follows, enter your password, then click Sign In:

    On the following page, you'll got to verify your identity choosing to receive a code at one among the secondary email addresses presented. If you are doing not have access to any of the e-mail addresses, click i do not have any of those and follow the on-screen instructions:

    For your protection, the e-mail addresses that are related to your account aren't presented in their entirety. To verify that you simply do, indeed, know the complete email address, enter it within the field on the page that follows, then click Send code:

    On the following page, enter the code that you simply have received by email, then click Verify:

    The following page will present to you all of the results of deleting your Microsoft account. Read over them and make certain that you simply understand all of them . Once you've got finished, click Next:

    Finally, on the next page you'll got to check each of the common account closure effects to make certain that you simply have read and understood them. At the bottom of the page, select your reason for closing your account from the menu , then click Mark account for closure:

    Now, all you'll got to do is wait 60 days before your account is totally deleted. If, during this point , you modify your mind and decide that you simply wish to retain your account, you'll simply got to access a Microsoft service using your account to reactivate it.

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